Our Vision: OSU Extension, Cuyahoga County is an effective partner in helping people and communities prepare for success in a global environment.

Our Core Values

  • Research based programming                             
  • Accountability for results
  • Social inclusiveness
  • Responsiveness to changing community needs
  • Addressing the greatest needs
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Volunteer service
  • Creativity and innovation
Our Impact Areas
  • Strengthening Families and Communities
  • Preparing Youth for Success
  • Enhancing Agriculture and the Environment
  • Advancing Employment and Income Opportunities
How we make a BIG difference in Cuyahoga County
  • We serve residents of all ages and all walks of life:  Youth, community gardeners, senior citizens, first-time parents, elected officials, adult volunteers, agency staff, entrepreneurs, parents, and more.
  • We leverage additional funding to broaden the types of educational programming offered and to reach more and more diverse audiences.
  • We use trained, high-quality volunteers to mulitply our programming and reach throughout the county.
  • We bring researchers and expertise to help address some of the county's most critical issues; such as the creation of new microenterprises related to urban agriculture and remediation of lead-contaminated soil through specialized research projects.
  • We provide our programming in conjunction with all community partners, including  schools, churches, libraries, local government, non-profit agencies, homeless shelters, assisted housing communities, recreation centers and many others.
  • We achieve outcomes and behavior changes that promote a healthier, more productive life for residents; a better prepared work force and more profitable businesses; stronger communities; and a greener and more sustainable environment.  (For a complete listing of our most recent program outcomes, please refer to ohioline.osu.edu/county/highlights/.)
  • We share extension expertise and talent by providing Educator specializations across county lines in order to address common issues across a broader geographic area and allow OSU Extension to address local and state needs at a greater depth and in a more efficient manner.  OSUE in Cuyahoga County is now a part of the Western Reserve Extension Education and Research Area.