1. Oct. 25, 2018 6:00pm to 9:00pm

    This is the first step to becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer in Cuyahoga County.  This is a high-level class that covers basic botany, soils, plant pathology, entomology, woody & herbaceous ornamentals, composting, vegetables, fruit, herbs, houseplants, turf, diagnostics & integrated pest management.  Passing the final exam allows individuals to move on to becoming an intern then an active Master Gardener Volunteer.

  2. Nov. 03, 2018 8:15am to 3:45pm

    Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County - Fall Seminar

  3. Nov. 03, 2018 8:15am to 3:45pm

    Fall Seminar - Gardening Through the Seasons