1. Workforce Development Spin Club Presented by YALC

    May. 04, 2020

    The Youth Advocacy and Leadership Coalition Presents:

    Workforce Development Spin Club.

    All workshops take place at 3:30pm.

    5 / 1 :    Budgeting
    5 / 1 2 :  Evaluating Facts: Media Literacy
    5 / 1 5 :  21st Century Communication Skills
    5 / 1 9 :  Working On Teams
    5 / 2 2 :  Investing

  2. Explore Your Inner Nerd!

    May. 04, 2020

    Six weeks of fun, informative and quirky activities for kids of all ages!

  3. Upcycle It!! Discover How To Turn Trash To Treasure

    Apr. 30, 2020

    4-H Virtual SPIN* Club Presents Upcycle It!! Discover how to turn trash into treasure. Learn how to make projects from recycled items - wind spirals and chimes, bird feeders, jump ropes, backyard camping gear, games and much more! All materials can be found around your home.

  4. Family and Consumer Sciences Extension financial educators are offering FREE financial education

    Mar. 31, 2020

    OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Healthy Finances professionals are sensitive to the economic challenges families and their communities are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, the loss of jobs has greatly affected families and their communities. For others, it is declining health along with inadequate health insurance coverage that puts their economic well-being and quality of life at risk. Whatever your situation, we are here to help.

  5. Cuyahoga County Extension Office Will Be Working Remotely

    Mar. 16, 2020

    OSU Extension offices throughout Ohio will implement teleworking options for staff amid current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak concerns


  6. OSU Cuyahoga County To Host An Americorps VISTA member

    Feb. 28, 2020

    We will be hosting an Americorps VISTA member for a year beginning in June 2020. The VISTA member will work closely with the OSU Extension’s Produce Perks Program in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. The Produce Perks program is administered in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County by Ohio State University Extension’s Community Development program. The Produce Perks program offers Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients with a dollar-for-dollar match when shopping at local farmers’ markets.

  7. Applications for Dig In! Training Program Are Open!

    Jan. 29, 2020

    Dig In! helps community members gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, design, and build a thriving and sustainable community garden. It is a requirement for new garden leaders as part of the Summer Sprout Program. Applications are due by 5pm on March 31, 2020

    Classes take place Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 8:30pm virtually and at our offices in the Fairhill Partners building.

    Address: 12200 Fairhill Rd, Building E, Cleveland, OH 44120.

    Room E196

  8. Kitchen Chemistry Bake Off

    Jan. 15, 2020

    Learn about the science behind cooking as you test (and taste) some delicious treats!



  9. Cuyahoga County 4-H to Hold Service Event To Support Australian Wildlife

    Jan. 09, 2020

    Cuyahoga County 4-H will hold a Service Event on January 25th, 2020 to support the wildlife affected by the Australian wildfires. We will be creating bat wraps, koala mittens, joey pouches, animal slings and beds. Everyone is welcome, you do not have to be a member of 4-H.


  10. Cleveland's Urban Farmer Networking Event

    Dec. 31, 2019

    Attend to Connect and Learn from fellow Cleveland Farmers. Come as you are, arrive when you can.