1. K-2 Students, Join Us To Become A Jr. Scientist

    Jan. 14, 2021

    Topics include: winter, food science, health , weather, insects, red, white and boom, plants, outdoor, candy and more!!

  2. OSU Extension Cancels In-Person Programming Until January 15, 2021

    Dec. 15, 2020

    In an effort to keep our employees, volunteers, and communities safe, effective December 7, 2020, all OSU Extension-hosted meetings and events will be canceled, postponed, or held virtually until January 15, 2021. This includes 4-H club meetings and events, as well as Master Gardener Volunteer meetings and events.

    Read more of the Stakeholder Guidance Here>> 


  3. Join the 2020 Great Lakes Apple Crunch

    Oct. 02, 2020

    Join the Great Apple Crunch to celebrate Ohio Farmers, healthy kids and strong communities this October.

  4. Cuyahoga County Office Open By Appointment

    Jul. 06, 2020

      Cleveland, OH – The Cuyahoga County office of OSU Extension is open with limited hours by appointment only. This is because of the elevated levels of the Covid-19 virus in our county.
  5. Cuyahoga 4-H STEM Challenge week!

    Jun. 18, 2020

    Join Robin Stone on July 6th - 10th, 2020  for a 4-H STEM Challenge.

    All challenges are completed at home from materials that can be found at home or from the dollar store.

    After you complete the challenge you will email a picture.  All pictures will be featured on our OSU Extension website. View Photos Here If you complete all 5 challenges you will receive a completion certificate. 

  6. Watch 4-H AgriScience in the City's Honeybees and Chicks

    Jun. 09, 2020

    Cleveland's 4-H Agriscience In the City Program now has a YouTube playlist with videos geared towards participating students and whoever else might like to watch!

  7. YALC "Adulting" SPIN* Club

    Jun. 09, 2020

    July 2nd- July 30th This SPIN (SPecial INterest) Club hosted by the Youth Advocacy and Leadership Coalition (YALC) will cover several "adulting" topics.

  8. Workforce Development Spin Club Presented by YALC

    May. 04, 2020

    The Youth Advocacy and Leadership Coalition Presents:

    Workforce Development Spin Club.

    All workshops take place at 3:30pm.

    5 / 1 :    Budgeting
    5 / 1 2 :  Evaluating Facts: Media Literacy
    5 / 1 5 :  21st Century Communication Skills
    5 / 1 9 :  Working On Teams
    5 / 2 2 :  Investing

  9. Explore Your Inner Nerd!

    May. 04, 2020

    Six weeks of fun, informative and quirky activities for kids of all ages!

  10. Upcycle It!! Discover How To Turn Trash To Treasure

    Apr. 30, 2020

    4-H Virtual SPIN* Club Presents Upcycle It!! Discover how to turn trash into treasure. Learn how to make projects from recycled items - wind spirals and chimes, bird feeders, jump ropes, backyard camping gear, games and much more! All materials can be found around your home.