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Join the 2020 Great Apple Crunch to celebrate Ohio farmers, healthy kids, and strong communities this October. 

What is the Crunch? Celebrate National Farm to School Month by collectively purchasing and crunching into locally and regionally grown apples at NOON on Thursday, October 8. Then share photos from your Crunch on The Great Apple Crunch Facebook Page or the Ohio Farm to School Facebook Page Everyone is welcome to Crunch! 

Who: K-12 schools, early care and education sites, hospitals, colleges and universities, farms, state and local agencies, non-profit organizations, local businesses, groups, and even households can register to Crunch this year! Anyone who wants to show support for local farmers and school food can join!

Participating in the Crunch is simple: buy, serve, and Crunch into locally grown apples! Register your Crunch to make it official, add to the Crunch count, get the scoop on serving local apples during COVID-19, and receive the Crunch Guide and lesson plans. Everyone is invited to Crunch to reach our goal of TWO MILLION CRUNCHES in 2020!

Where to buy local apples…


Here in Ohio we are lucky to have plentiful apple orchards! The Ohio Apple Growers Association website and orchard map can help you find the growers close to you. Consider taking the opportunity to visit an orchard and buy from the growers directly. It'll surely be a fun way to source your apples! 


Don't have an orchard nearby? Perhaps a grower is traveling to you! Use this great online tool to find farmers' markets in your area. 


Ask your current vendor if they have any local, farm-identified apples available. You could even ask for small apples that are harder for farmers to sell, but perfect for kids! 


Check if your grocery store carries local apples. Remember to ensure that your apples are labeled Ohio or locally grown. 

Need more specifics? The three Apple Crunch Guides are tailored to K-12 schools, early care and education sites, and non-school settings. They detail even more specific information to help within the setting of your unique Crunch.

Noon on Thursday, October 8, 2020 is the official Crunch date, but we welcome your Crunch any time this fall.

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Questions? Please visit www.cias.wisc.edu/applecrunch or contact Haley Plahuta at plahuta.12@osu.edu.