September 11, 2023 - 12:31pm --

Join OSU Extension Cuyahoga County and Summit County to learn how to test your soil. Urban soils can be a source of food production, environmental resilience, and community beautification but may require revitalization to provide these benefits. Most urban soils do not have harmful levels of contaminants; however, they should be tested as a precaution. A soil test can also give you information about soil fertility. OSU Extension Educator Maggie Riviera will discuss why it is important to test our soil and how to take a soil sample and submit it to a lab.

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After you learn how to take the test, bring your sample to the Cuyahoga County Office to have it sent to OSU's Soil Lab. The cost of this service is $35 per sample. This includes nutrient analysis, organic matter, and heavy metals screening. Results are expected to be returned by November 17th. You will recieve a results printout and be contacted by the ANR Educator to discuss your results.

Cuyahoga County Extension

Wednesday, October 11th and 18th

9:00am to 3:30pm

Call 216-429-8203 if you have any questions.