4-H reaches youth across Cuyahoga County with programs designed to:

  • Establish sustainable relationships with caring adults and other youth;
  • Encourage community service and citizenship;
  • Develop marketable skills in youth and a vision of a successful future;
  • Promote and build upon experiences with persons from diverse backgrounds; and
  • Strengthen communities by developing volunteer skills in youth and adults.

4-H programs work through community clubs with local volunteers and can also take place as part of special funded partnerships with schools or other organizations. We invite you to explore our web site to learn more!  Cuyahoga County 4-H facilitates the inclusion of all youth regardless of any cultural, economic, social or physical difference.


General Program and Participation Options

4-H in Cuyahoga County offers many ways to get involved.  4-H opportunities are divided into two major categories: clubs and groups.  Listed below are the different types of clubs and groups available to youth.

4-H Clubs

A 4-H Club is an organized group of five or more youth from at least three families who are at least age 5 and enrolled in kindergarten.  This organized group is led by an adult volunteer who has satisfactorily completed the OSUE volunteer selection process and has a planned program/project that is ongoing.

The following are the different models for clubs in Cuyahoga County:

  • Community Clubs - Community clubs are open to all youth in a neighborhood or city and youth can choose from a wide range of projects.  Projects are most often taken individually, to satisfy members' unique interest.
  • Site-Based Clubs - Site based clubs are connected to community organization.  Projects are most often taken as a group but may also be taken individually.
  • Special Interest Clubs - Special interest clubs focus on a particular topic of interest to all participants.  These clubs can be community-based or site-based.  Projects can be taken individually or as a group.


4-H Groups

A 4-H Group is any group of youth affiliated with a partnering agency that participates in a series of 4-H learning experiences, but does not meet the requirements of a club.  This would include any short-term programs, programming that is led by partnering agency staff that have not completed the OSU Extension volunteer selection process, and groups with less than five youth.  

4-H Groups may include:

  • After-School/Child Care Programs - After-school/child care providers are trained in positive youth development and 4-H curriculum and activities.
  • Summer Day Camp Programs - Summer day camp providers are trained in positive youth development and 4-H curriculum and activities.
  • School Enrichment Programs - 4-H professional provide short term programs in schools during classroom time on topics not typically covered during the school day.  Possible topics include financial literacy, career exploration, health and nutrition, and science and technology.
  • Short Term Special Interest Programs - 4-H professionals or agency staff meet with youth outside of the school day to provide programming on a specific topic for a pre-determined number of sessions.
  • Individual Study/Family Learning Program - Parents or family members lead youth in a planned learning program that occurs independently of a formal group setting.  This may involve self-study, home study courses, and whole families learning together.

Cloverbud Programming

4-H Cloverbuds is a distinctive component within the 4-H youth development program.  Cloverbud programs develop the confidence, social skills, decision making abilities, subject matter knowledge, and physical skills of youth ages 5 to 8 through non-competitive activies specially designed for their age level.  Cloverbuds may be part of a 4-H Club or Group, or they may have their own Cloverbud Club.  Cloverbuds are considered 4-H members but are not eligible to enter projects in local or state competitions or evaluations.  To learn more about 4-H Cloverbuds: http://www.ohio4h.org/

4-H Summer Camp

4-H camping programs are open to any youth ages 8 to 18, whether or not the young person is involved with 4-H.  Camps offer youth opportunities to develop increased self-confidence and independence, make new friends, learn new skills, and experience the wonders of nature.  There are a wide range of programs, designed for various ages and interests.