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Community Gardening

About community gardens in Cuyahoga County

There are more than 250 community gardens in Cuyahoga County and over 5,000 residents dedicated to their care. These gardens are important community assets, providing neighbors with space to grow nutritious produce and strengthen social ties. Our goal is to provide this network of gardeners with the information and support necessary to create and maintain thriving, healthy people and places.


2017 Workshop Schedule 



Do you live in the City of Cleveland?

You may qualify for the Summer Sprout Program.  The Summer Sprout program, funded by the City of Cleveland Department of Community Development, provides seeds, plants, hydrant access (purchase of permit is required) and other garden resources to qualifying community gardens.  To find out about the requirements for this program, please call 216-429-8200.

2018 Summer Sprout Renewal Form

Renewal Form 2018 


Do you live in a suburban community in Cuyahoga County?

You may apply to be a part of the Suburban Community Gardening Program. The program aims to assist residents to start new community gardens in suburban communities around Cleveland.  For more information contact us at 216-429-8200.