Dig In! 2022 Class Syllabus

Dig In! 2022 Class Schedule

Intro Class Presentation

Class 1

Topic: Dig In! Community Garden Training

Start Time: Apr 12, 2022 06:20 PM

Meeting Recording:


Class 2

Finding Land

EPA Urban Gardening Soil Fact Sheet

Site Assessment Checklist

Soil Testing for Ohio Lawns, Landscapes, Fruit Crops and Vegetable Gardens- Ohioline

Class 3

Soil Basics

Vegetable Gardening Handout

Why and How to Soil Test (Recording)

Vegetable Gardening for Community Gardeners -Access code !VG4CG23

Class 4

CE22-04 Vegetable Gardening Handout

Top 10 ways to a Better Veggie Garden and Air n Sunlight

Vegetable Garden Basics 2022

Know Your Seed Catalog Worksheet

Class 5

Garden Map

Garden Mission/Vision

Garden Rules Site Prep Maintain

Recruitment Events Meetings

Summer Sprout and City Land Application

Class 6

Asset Wheel Blank

Asset Wheel

Class 6 Assets & Resources

Class 6 Assets Breakout

Class 6 Five Categories of Assets

Class 7

Dig In! Class 7 Growing Goodwill 2022

Dig In! Ch 8 Growing Goodwill