Getting started with a series of EFNEP classes is easy and begins with a phone call to Ohio State University Extension at 216-429-8200 ext. 229.  Our EFNEP staff is happy to discuss the program, answer your questions, and talk about a partnership. We can schedule a time to visit your agency/community site for a short presentation about the program and/or market the program to clientele.  If you are not part of an agency or community site, but would like to be placed in an EFNEP class, we can provide you with a listing of available classes, including locations, dates and times.
EFNEP classes are offered free of charge to qualifying Cuyahoga County residents. EFNEP Program Assistants will bring all materials for the program, including food for tastings, incentives and handouts.  The agency or community site is simply responsible for supplying a space large enough for 5-15 participants, the typical size of an EFNEP group, and for coordinating with the Program Assistant for scheduling, recruitment, and participant retention.


“After learning how to read nutrition facts labels, students were observed using them to make healthier choices. On the last day of the nutrition series, the teacher expressed her appreciation for the program and explained that since learning about food labels, she has seen more students reading labels when eating at school. The teacher was very excited and proud of her students.”

“R.P. is a husband, a father of 3, and is the primary shopper and cook for his family.  He realized that his family was not eating enough fruits and vegetables, and that they were eating very few whole grains.  R.P. paid close attention to all of the EFNEP lessons.   He participated in all of the activities and came to class each week ready to share with the class the changes that he and his family made.  “I pay more attention now to not only what I eat, but what I feed my family when I cook.”  By the end of the series, R.P. was frying food less often and added more whole grains, fruits and vegetables to his family’s diet.”