Employee Training is a four-hour basic food safety training which meets Level 1 Training Requirements for food service workers. The Employee Training enhances employee understanding of major food safety principles, including time and temperature abuse, cross-contamination, and personal hygiene. The program includes a National Restaurant Association Education Foundation handbook, several hands-on activities, lots of class participation, and a Certificate of Completion.


The Manager Training program provides food service managers, operators, and owners with accurate, up-to-date information on all aspects of handling food, from receiving and storing to preparing and serving. The principles learned in this course can easily be applied and practiced by all food service workers. Food safety training for managers, operators, and owners. Upon successful completion of the course and exam, participants receive a Certificate of Completion from ServSafe and an Ohio Food Protection Certification from ODH.

If you have questions regarding health inspections, need to certify or other health and safety related questions, please contact the Ohio Department of Health directly.


If you are interested in bringing a food preservation demonstration or hands-on workshop to your group please contact Courtney Woelfl (woelfl.1@osu.edu).


For information on Food Preservation you can use at home visit OSU Extension's Home Food Preservation page: This page contains other great "how-to" videos on water bath canning of tomatoes, salsa, or sweet pickles; and freezing green beans; The page also contains a schedule of food preservation classes throughout the state.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

The Complete Guide to Home Canning is being sold in print form by Purdue Extension: The Education Store.  A 196 page, spiral-bound resource book for people who are canning for the first time or for experienced canners who want to improve their canning practices.  The online store is located at http://www.extension.purdue.edu/store/.