Ohio State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences recognizes that more than 70% of all health care costs are related to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Further, more than 72% of Ohioans do not get proper nutrition, and 1 in 4 are physically inactive.

Family and Consumer Sciences’ Live Healthy Live Well program encourages healthful habits to improve participants’ well-being, reduce the need for health care services, lower absenteeism rates at work and help control costs for employers.

The program utilizes group face-to-face teaching, cooking demonstrations, and innovative approaches such as email wellness challenges, online programming, and social media to distribute reliable, evidence-based health and wellness information to busy Ohioans. Possible “Lunch and Learn” topics for your business or organization include:

  • Sleep: Are You Getting Your ZZZs?
  • To Salt or Not to Salt
  • Cooking for One or Two
  • Planning Healthy Meetings
  • MyPlate and Weight Management
  • Physical Activity: A Good Fit
  • Using herbs for flavor
  • Making healthier recipes

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